Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, new stuff

As the New Year is beginning and the first race of the season creeps up I have a lot to reflect on and be thankful for. First off, looking back…2011 was a very educational racing year. 

Among woods of Georgia I found I have an inner strength far beyond what I could imagine; in the hills of North Carolina, I discovered that I am my own worst enemy, fought myself and won; in the marshes of South Carolina I tasted the bitterness of humble pie; and in the confines of my own life I know that expectations can be set too high. My life has been an absolute roller coaster but I have had some great people along for the ride. Much love and thanks to every one of you who supported me, called me crazy and then cheered me on.

This year brought me my first 1st Place finish at the Georgia Jewel and was one of the proudest racing moments I have experienced and having my family at the finish made it even sweeter. Uncle Bob, Aunt Linda, Gina, Joe (who got up extremely early to take me to the race), Amanda and Wayne …love you all! Thanks a million times over!!I also ran my first race with my husband. Watching him experience the effort of his first Ultra made me glad to share this wonderful world I run in. I also managed to sneak in my first marathon and qualified for the much coveted Boston Marathon.  Crossing that line way faster than I could have imagined and having my running coach beaming at me was a fantastic feeling!

I also met and maintained some of the best running friends a girl could ask for. A group of people with the same love for running crazy amounts of time and miles without balking;  Tom, Emily, Patrick, Beckie,  Brian, Kathleen, Tony, Bruce, Jason, Kathy, D.C., Leah, Mo, Jeff, Theoden, Melinda, Catherine… and anyone else I may have missed…you guys are what makes running fun!!! 

All in all, it was a good year.

Looking ahead is promising to say the least. I am privileged to be a part of the 2012 One-2-Tri Racing team based in Charlotte, NC. I join a lot of very distinguished athletes and am pleased to have been given this honor. Shameless plug…check it out online:  http://one2triracing.blogspot.com/  and www.one2tri.net 

Racing schedule-wise…I will update my calendar sometime soon but I have the Weymouth Woods 100k in Southern Pines, NC this coming weekend. I get the pleasure of running it with the best running partner in the world, my dear friend Tom. I am excited for this true endurance test and “first”. My body feels ready for the challenge and I am eager. 

There are a lot of exciting things coming up so keep checking back for updates. This year is also promising with my first 100 mile race at the end of March. I will attempt to finish the Umstead 100 in Durham, NC. Lots of miles and lots of training lay between me and that finish line.
I hope your year went as well as mine, and may 2012 bring personal victories great and small to everyone! 

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