Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ok- Only because I got a push and a shove and a kick to update this thing (thanks Mosi)...I won't bore you with details...I will just say this was an up and down year for me in the running and personal world. Here is how my year finished out:

Blind Pig 100 mile- after a disappointing DNF at Double Top, I raced and won this 100 mile for the females. I had a pretty easy, uneventful race. I had an amazing pacer, Alan and the race staff kicked ass! Happy to have taken home my second buckle!

Then I lost one of the most important people in my life; my Grandmother passed just one week before I was traveling home to see her.

Old Dominion 100 mile- What an amazing race!! So pretty and unseasonably cool- took 3rd female and shortly after found out I was tapped to run for the INKnBURN elite team!! world caved in...insert personal sob story here about love, loss and a terrible breakup....

Pinhoti 100 mile- My second DNF- I pulled out at mile 13- second aid station. My head and heart just wasn't in the game. I had too much drama going on in my personal life to focus on the can't run and cry trust me I tried.

All that being said...its on to 2015. I am excited to race again for INKnBURN and already have 2 races in my scope....Leadville 100 (lottery) and Leatherwood 50 miler....

Out with the with the next... Bring it on are mine!