Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Short look back, long distance ahead

Ok yes, I have been putting this race recap on super delay but I'll give a quick recap. Basically I was not prepared in any shape or form for this race. We traveled down to Beaufort SC to take on the Mad Marsh 50k. The race was on a flat 4.5 mile loop that is on an abandoned golf course that is a lot of soft sand under long grasses with an occasional patch of blacktop. We arrived early to the race to pick up our packets. We had our normal stash of Honey Stinger and PB and J but being that the start finish was on the loop, we hardly even needed our bottles with us. We took off just after sunrise with perfect 50 degree weather and just the right amount of humidity and a soft breeze. Cutting to the chase,  I committed some cardinal sins of running:

1. I hadn't been training regularly since my marathon. My runs were infrequent and not long to anticipate a 50k.

2. I didn't take care of myself post race. I wasn't visiting my chiropractor...not foam rolling or even stretching.

3. I went out way too fast in the beginning of the race. An 8:30 pace is not a good start when you combine the above. I got arrogant with my speed and paid for it dearly.

I ate a very large piece of humble pie in Beaufort that Saturday by only being able to complete 13.5miles. By the last mile my IT bands were so tight and in so much pain, I was left to walk a 15:00 mile and DNF the race. John ran a strong race with completing just over 26.5 miles.

I needed that reality check as I begin to look ahead.

The next few races coming up with test me more than anything I have competed in before. Weymouth Woods 100k (providing I make it in...currently on the waiting list) will be my longest race to date as a distanced race (instead of 24hr marathons). My first 100 Miler will be in March and that to me will be the ultimate test. I get the chill bumps just thinking about the race. The anticipation and preparation will be intense and I look forward to every moment and every mile.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Time off

So my race world has been pretty quiet since Ridge to Bridge. The hype of qualifying for Boston has worn off a bit, although I did order the shirt from Adidas that proudly displays the "qualifier" in the bright yellow logo...yeah I just couldn't help it. But in the aftermath of all the racing, I have been pretty lazy.  This is probably the toughest part of competition...the off season. I technically have a race this weekend in South Carolina, the Mad Marsh 50k, but I have no intention of going fast. I want to enjoy the run without the pressure. This season has been a long successful one and I look forward to ending on a high note. I do feel a bit like a NASCAR driver in the sense that the "off season" lasts hardly a blink of an eye before you are back at it again. My next race is in January so training will continue but not really ratchet up until mid-December. But trust me, it is a welcome few weeks of a break.

My body has also started to rebound and the year of hard training is catching up with me. My entire left side seems to be falling apart. The IT band is flaring up again causing some issues with the knee. I am feeling older every day. The best thing I can do is maintain my foam rolling and resume visits to Greenapple Sports med and Dr. Duffy.

For this weekend, my plan is to run and see what happens. Race details to follow :)